First Thursday | Exhibition “Pretty Average” by Carla latsky

Don’t miss on next FIRST THURSDAY “Pretty Average”, a solo exhibition by Carla Latsky.
1-30 August 2019 at the Alliance Française du Cap.

Carla Latsky is a designer and illustrator based in Cape Town, South Africa. Her illustrations are characterized by attention to detail, whether she is drawing with a pencil, embroidery thread or the digital pen tool. The artist finds inspiration in the seemingly mundane, her childhood memories and Instagram’s Explore Page.
Pretty Average is Carla’s first solo exhibition. Unable to shake the ambivalence she feels towards her work, Carla uses her ever-present imposter syndrome as the foundation for a show that considers the many facets of feeling ‘pretty average’. Perched on her shoulder throughout the day, the artist’s imposterism warns that her successes are really only the result of luck, and that sooner or later, everyone will realize her ruse.
Her frustration with this experience and fascination with ordinary objects merge to form a series wherein the average dresses up as the exceptional. Subtle modifications in appearance elevate the commonplace, alluding to the artist’s desire to feel more significant. Furthermore, the series can be regarded as the artist’s attempt at simply making the average look pretty, an exciting challenge no matter the medium.

Free entrance