The DAEFLE (Diplôme d’Aptitude à l’Enseignement du Français Langue Etrangère) is a diploma offered by the Alliance Française de Paris Ile de France, in collaboration with the CNED. It is aimed at anyone wishing to gain a professional
qualification in the field of teaching French as a Foreign Language (FLE).
The DAEFLE is a distance learning course for initial or further training. The diploma is awarded after 480 hours of training (6 modules) and success in the final exam.
Structure of the exam
The DAEFLE exams have two components: The Access Test, which is written entirely online, can be done at home or at the Alliance. The test costs R1250 for a home-based assessment and R1400 for an assessment at the Alliance. Candidates must achieve the C1 level in order to gain access to the course. The test includes – a written comprehension (14 minutes)
– an oral comprehension (14 minutes)
– a grammar / vocabulary test (7 minutes) The Final Exam costs R4500 and includes – a test on the compulsory modules studied (3h)
– a second test on the compulsory modules (1h30)
– a test on the optional modules (1h30)

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How to register
Download and complete a registration form and return it to our exams coordinator at courses@cpt.alliance.org.za.