Exhibition “The Whispers”

Don’t miss the exhibition called “The Whispers” by NADEGE SANZ. 
Opening on FIRST THURSDAY with LIVESOUNDSCAPE by Chris AURET at 6pm at the Alliance Française du Cap.

“My wish is to keep the image a mystery, so that viewers can draw their own interpretation, with their imagination, creating a unique story for each person.
The materials used for the compositions are dead flowers, sticks and leaves and my intention is to resurrect them into characters, born of another era, floating in a different space and time, seen through the eyes of a child that would imagine a new parallel world…
I collected the materials, observed them and tried to understand them.
I manipulated and rearranged them as a new decoration, reworked to appear as animated characters.
By listening to the sounds of nature, my imagination created emotions and form, a new life, a whisper.” Nadege Sanz.

Free entrance