“CHINESE WHISPERS” by Liana Van Wyk.

An ONLINE illustration exhibition in August and September.

We are hosting an ONLINE illustration exhibition called “CHINESE WHISPERS” by Liana Van Wyk from Thursday 6 August until 24 September.

If you want to, you can come have a look from Monday to Friday 9h30-14h30 in our venue 155 Loop Street.

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About Liana Van Wyk….
Born to create since 1986, Liana van Wyk has always expressed her voice better in visual form than any other. She remembers creating some of her first “real” drawings at the age of just 11. In Hoërskool Jeugland, she had a keen interest in such subjects as art history, fine arts and graphic design.

As she continued to nurture and excel in her graphically and visually oriented nature, she received her BA Degree in Graphic Design from Design School Southern Africa in Pretoria, as well as Johannesburg, in 2008.

Liana also has a passion for being behind a lens, and worked at sea as a photographer for 2 years, travelling the world as she did so. She doesn’t just enjoy portrait photography – but also loves painting portraiture.

Liana is delighted to share her vision and voice with you in this debut showcase at Alliance Francaise du Cap.

About the exhibition…
Having travelled on restless feet for a few years, I have captured countless perceptions of the places I have been to. As time passes and memories fade, those photographs are all that I have left to remind me of where, and who, I once was.
By always being behind the lens, capturing these moments, I would often find myself wondering if I had actually even been there myself. I wanted to recreate my memory of those living time capsules, moments that had seeped into memory and dream space. I wanted to incorporate myself into those significant experiences, and be able to see my reflective self as I might have appeared to someone else, encountering that same moment.

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