Our story

The Alliance Française was established in Paris in 1883 by eminent figures of the arts, the sciences, and politics to ensure the influence of the French language and culture around the world.

The Alliance Française du Cap is an independent, not-for-profit language and cultural organisation promoting Franco-South African exchange since 1959. With an ambitious mission to spread the French language and culture well beyond the borders of France, it forms part of a network of 1040 Alliances Françaises based in 136 countries all over the world.

Situated in a superb space in the heart of the city, the Alliance Française du Cap is a South African non-profit organisation founded in 1959. Its principal aim is to promote French language and francophone culture within the greater framework of intercultural exchanges between France, Francophone countries and South Africa. Furthermore, it is an apolitical and non-denominational body that is linked to the network of the Fondation Alliance Française in Paris whose origins date back to 1883. The Alliance Française du Cap is supported by the French Embassy in South Africa and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Boasting a spacious 100m² gallery with a hosting capacity of up to 150 people, the Alliance Française du Cap organises regular cultural events which build a sense of community among students and also allow the greater public to get to know the Alliance.

The “Café de l’Alliance” is a great place to relax and socialise for students and public alike. Enjoy a cup of coffee anytime or indulge in traditional French cuisine in a bistro setting during our events.

Our teachers are French or Francophone. We run courses for children of 6 yo, up to adults! We also promote both local and international artists through concerts,exhibitions and many more events…

Call us on +27 (0)21 423 5699

Meet the welcoming Alliance Française du Cap staff who will assist you on your journey to learn French.

Reception: info@cpt.alliance.org.za
Director: Sophie Jasmin – director@cpt.alliance.org.za
Course Coordinator: Antoine Sochay – courses@cpt.alliance.org.za
Communications Officer & Cultural Coordinator: Charlotte Henry – culture@cpt.alliance.org.za
Media librarian: library@cpt.alliance.org.za